A story to tell_#5 Antonella Monzoni


I have always thought every single event is linked to the one just coming before and those ones immediately following. A kind of chain of events where you can catch the true meaning only when you try to connect all the dots.
Especially with Photography. I start running a project and eventually I discover some technique, places, people that bring me to something (or somewhere) else in a continuum where I keep learning and feeling realized.
Why do I tell you this story?
First of all because it is something I truly believe and I encourage you all to keep walking in Photography, study and learn and, eventually, all dots will be connected and you will find your own way.
Furthermore I take the opportunity to tell you a real life example of what I am just saying:
I have a subscription to a photography magazine called "Gente di Fotografia". I really like it and I subscribe largely in advance the forthcoming issue for the following year. 1 year ago I went to Mia Photo Fair (a Milan based fair of contemporary photography) and, as usual, I do my subscription to that magazine. It happens to me I meet a lady, lately I would have discovered her name was Antonella Monzoni, member of the editorial board of the magazine. We start chatting and I get my own magazine. One year after I am in Parma to attend Colornophotolife a photofestival based in Colorno, close to Parma. I was there with Marylena and we both are strongly attracted from a photographic book named "Madame". Within the book there are so many "dots" part of our common life, the reason why we are both connected to those pictures: a story of a French woman (Henriette Niépce), strongly charming, getting immediately the attention of Mary, being her half French and in love with those atmospheres. There is also a nice link between the origin of the Photography (Henriette Niépce is the great grandaughter of Niecephore Niéce, one of the founding fathers of the Photography). But there is also a nice reportage of a beautiful house on the countryside, like the one we are looking for and willing to buy to change our life. After having paid the book, the author comes to the shopping point and, guess what, she is Antonella, the lady of Gente di Fotografia I just mentioned before.
As usual I ask her to sign the book, as I am always doing it with any author I meet along the path. I also ask her a kind of advice, as am I used to do with any photographer and I discover she started her career in photography quite late in her life (approx when I started) and she is specifically focused on humanistic reportage, expressing through an intimist style. She is expressing what I am try to, she started late as I did and she has a received several recognition you can find, jointly wih her works, in this website.
"Ferita Armena", "Madame", "Volevo essere Mina", "Il matrimonio di Luba, Ucraina", "Lalibela" are just some of the work I strongly encourage you to have a look as I also strong encourage you to look backward, follow your dots and build your own world in Photography or anywhere else.
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