A story to tell_#6 Marco Pesaresi

date » 28-09-2020 21:28

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On September 26th, 2020 I have been in Savignano sul Rubicone to attend SIFEST, a well known photographic festival.
I crossed a small Gallery where there was an exhibition of Marco Pesaresi. Up to that moment I had very few information about this famous author. I started looking at photographies and I wanted to know more about him.
Eventually I asked a hostess to help me on this and I requested a leaflet or any statement to get an overview about his biography.
Hostess smiled and she told me I couldn't have been luckier than this because just next to me there was his mother: Isabella Perazzini.
I learned about Marco's life through Isa's words: his passion for the human nature he wanted to capture through his journeys. She showed me his work "Underground" where he spent months underneath the ground to capture homeless, lovers, travelers and any possible face of the humanity he wanted to explore. We spent some time in commenting Rimini shots, the native land of Marco. He captured the flavor of Rimini's nights and the feelings and atmosphere of the city also through the emotional lenses of his tormented nature.
I have been really impressed by his work on Trans - Siberian express that immediately recalled me Destinazione Mare (check it out > HERE At the time he was travelling he kept a diary where he wrote:

"I do not want to spend time in reading, knowing..I want to deep dive in my journey. I must be clever while taking picture. I need to focus my efforts without spreading them"

These words reminds me the way I am used to approach any single project where I am deeply involved in and this gives me, once more, the belief I have not been there, with Isa, by chance.

Time passed by very fast. Isa was moving from a shot to another recalling memories, Marco's words, anecdotes. Before leaving the gallery I have asked Isa to leave me with an inscription on a Marco's book.
I have been touched by the dedication that can be seen as one possible metaphor of our life and on our photographic journey:

"Not all ones who are wandering have lost themselves"

To know more about Marco Pesaresi


A story to tell_#2 Alain Laboile

date » 29-01-2019 00:05

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Today the story I want to tell you is about the power of dreams.
Everything started back in July 2018. I was in Arles, visiting one of the most important festival of Photography. I was there with some friends of mine and we were really breathing photography in each and every corner of the village (I really suggest you to be there once in life to live an immersive experience on photography). It was very hot and we were walking around since the morning. We stopped for a while on a small square where a local bookshop was selling some old books (photography books, of course) and new ones, limited edition hand-written by authors.
I found there "Aurores", one of the not-so-common color photography book of Alain.
I studied a bit of this French author, born on May 1, 1968 in Bordeaux, France.
He is then a photographer but, first, he is father of six.

In 2004, as he needed to put together a portfolio of his work as a sculptor, he acquired a camera, and thus developed a taste for macrophotography, spurred by his passion for entomology.
Later on, he pointed his lens towards his growing family which became his major subject : a life on the edge of the world, where intemporality and the universality of childhood meet.

Now you will ask me: "wasn't it a story about power of dreams? What about Alain?"

He is the human being proof we (everybody of us) could turn our reality into dreams. No matter the age you have. You could (should) start today building it.
One day I will visit him in his home in Bordeaux. I really would like to see and live the beauty of the mess of his masterpiece of family.
I still remember his own words when we met during "Le temps retrouvé" personal exhibition on November 29 Arts in progress Gallery, in Milan.
I have asked him "what do you think could be the best advice for a beginner, like me". I remember I asked him this simple question in a very bad french.

"voyager léger"

"this is my warmest recommendation for you:"

"voyager léger"

"Get rid of anything is useless and focus on what really matters."

I hope one day I will meet him again to tell him I have been able to put in practice his own suggestion.

[Note of the author; you can find some pictures of mine when I met him in Milan. I was so happy that I started shaking my hands as I am always doing when I am nervous. Marylena, my love, took a picture of it. Without knowing it she has been able to capture the real essence. She has been able to "voyager léger". Chapeau!]

A story to tell_#1 Rinko Kawauchi


First time I "met" Rinko Kawauchi it was one year ago, more or less, while visiting an exhibition in Carla Sozzani art gallery.
I have been fascinated by the tenderness of images and cover of the book Illuminance.
During that period (and also nowadays, by the way..) I was focusing on the heart of capturing simple things and getting rid of anything not "useful" to convey messages I was thinking about.
I realized afterwards that Rinko Kawauchi photography is all about "haiku".
"Haiku" is a kind of minimalist poetry, meditation done through simple sentences, telling the Nature and the day-by-day surrounding us.
Moving from poetry to Photography the concept does not change so much.
Rinko is able to transmit that sense of simplicity, joy for basic things, power of nature, birth, existence, spirit.

When I travelled in Tokyo, summer of 2018, I desperately tried to met her in person without succeeding. I think (I tried to convince myself...)she is not willing to spend time with strangers. She really want to focus on what really matters.
That's the picture I imagine of this Japanese photographer, shooting mostly in 6×6 format. It's easy to recognize her pictures: mastering natural light she is able to give back smooth portion of her world.

“It’s not enough that the photograph is beautiful. If it doesn’t move my heart, it wont move anyone else’s heart.”-Rinko Kawauchi
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